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Let’s talk about #journalism: Die Blogger von @mashable füttern ab jetzt den CNN Tech Channel. Congrats! officially relaunched its website this week, and we’re pleased to announce that the updated section now includes headlines syndicated from Mashable. This is in addition to a new column I’ll be writing on the site, going live Wednesday.

We’re in the middle of an exciting transition as social media and the mainstream begin to overlap in all sorts of interesting ways: this underlines our belief that social media isn’t some marketing fad, but rather a fundamental change to the way we consume and interact with content. We’ve been covering this transition for four years, from the rise of social networking to the birth of the “social media” movement as people began to use these tools of personal connection to pass content around the web.

The fact that CNN is paying close attention to social media’s rise – including the addition of far more social interaction on its site – is surely another step forward.

via Mashable

Jeff Jarvis liebt Howard Sterns Google Juice

We just got a glimpse of Howard Stern’s next life, I think. I was running errands today listening to a repeat of the show from this week when I heard Stern talk with a caller about what he could do on the internet. Thanks to my handy Sirius Satellite radio, I was able to – Tivo-like – back and up repeat what he’d just said and I wrote it down:

Tomorrow I could go on the internet and start my own channel with my own subscribers. You’d be able to click and watch us on TV, watch us in the studio live, streaming. You’d be able to listen to us streaming. You’d be able to get us on your iPhone. You’d be able to do everything right at the click of the internet. I wouldn’t even need to work for a company. I’d be my own company… So true it’s ridiculous.

Sounds like more than idle admiration of technology to me. Stern has a year left on his contract on satellite. He’s so valuable to Sirius, they surely will make him an offer it would be hard to refuse. But I suspect that much of his last reported $500 million contract came in stock and that stock is now worth $0.59 (I know all too well, because I own some), so continuing with satellite would still be a gamble.

Jeff Jarvis liebt Howard Stern. Und der täte sicher gut daran, JJs Ratschläge zu befolgen. Stern würde im Netz alles schlagen, da ist sich Jarvis sicher.