The Eternal Timeline Show – 20 timelines to explain one world – Munich exhibition opening on Feb. 3, 2011, 7 – 9 pm

Jens Semjan and Bernhard Lermann explain the world with just 20 significant chronics from politics, law, economy, banking houses, medicine, nature sciences and history of brands and luxury goods. They extract the relevant facts from a tremendous data-mass with the precision of a surgeon to row them into timelines. Unseen cycles, connections and developements become simple and clear at a glance. This point of view offers us new perceptions on our old world and makes history become conceptual art and vice versa.

The Eternal Timeline Show – 20 timelines to explain one world

Exhibition: Feb. 3 – Mar 5, 2011      
Opening: Feb. 3, 2011, 7 – 9 pm       
Galerie Traversée, Theresienstr. 56, 80333 Munich

All timelines will be in English language. Bring your friends!


Jens Semjan, born 1979, is a former master student of the American conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He currently lives and works in Munich.

Bernhard Lermann, born 1971, has worked as a senior online editor at the international publishing house Condé Nast in Munich and as a writer for a range of international media outlets (on- and offline) since 1992. He currently serves as an independent marketing and PR consultant. He lives and works in Munich.


  • duncansm

    I think what comes next is way different from what we have now. A world where the idea that "We don’t have to murder to live" is central to how we view each other, the planet, and our relationships. In theory, after would come a world without debts. A gift economy.