Track from the past: Selma Drive

During a visit in Los Angeles, USA, in 1996 I produced this track in the studio of a friend, that was located near Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood. He had some nice vintage gear there and a large mixing console. For this track I used his Sequential Circuits Six-Trak, a Roland TR-909 drum machine, an Emu II sampler for some loops and noise plus an Akai ASQ-10 Sequencer. Unfortunately I was only able to record this on a stereo tape to take it with me to Europe and after that I never touched this raw and noisy track again.

Today I added some EQ and compression to it in Ableton Live, nothing more. So here it is, longing for a nice voice and hook line to be added on top. If you are a singer and you like this one, download it and give it a try! I would possibly rework and release that track if your vocal track is great enough.